Would like to meet...

Arwen Smit

(IBA, 2013)
Author, Identity Reboot

What are you doing now?
I’ve recently published my new book Identity, Reboot, on reimagining data privacy for the 21st century. My wider work focuses on technology ethics, and the intended and unintended
consequences of what we build on society. I work on such topics as Venture
Partner at the IoT, Blockchain and AI accelerator Outlier Ventures, as an independent expert to the European Commission for the €80bn Horizon 2020 fund, and via my own consultancy, MintBit.

What can you bring to the RSM community?
I believe in open innovation: If you are a woman trying
to break into the industry, a deep tech pre-seed startup looking for funding, or a public sector professional who wants to bring ethics into long-term
technology decisions, my door is open.