Elevator Pitch

A gift with a difference

Boon & Bliss helps friends get together and contribute cash towards a dream.

2 minutes read
Jolanda Jansen

Erasmus Memories

From RSM to Eurovision

"Keep your distance from the artist, let them do their thing" – those are the guiding rules for Jolanda Jansen, director of Rotterdam's Ahoy.

13 minutes watch
A start-up office amongst a group of cubicles


Innovation isn’t just for entrepreneurs

Are you using the full creative entrepreneurial capacity of your team? Social entrepreneur Niels van der Weerdt explains how to boost intrapreneurship in your company.

4 minutes read
A picture of Sander Schimmelpenninck, host of Erasmus Success Talks

Success talks

What is digital leadership?

Technology is changing the world at an incredible rate, and it’s definitely not slowing down. If governments and institutions can’t keep up with the pace of change, how can we keep harnessing tech as a force for good?

24 minutes watch
A city filled with problems that need to be fixed, like plumbing and painting

Leading in a crisis

Crisis management has become our new normal

In every business career, there will be crises that cannot be prepared for and which put leaders into situations of extreme pressure. We talk to José Enrique Viniegra Escanero, CCO of HomeServe Asistencia, about what it has been like to lead through a global crisis.

2 minutes read

A walk with...

Transforming society with technology

When he was studying at RSM in 1994, Marijn Bom got his first taste of broadband internet. And if you spend a lot of time on the web, you might learn a bit about the technology behind it. Right?

15 minutes watch

A walk with...

Boosting female entrepreneurs

An equal share of men and women at Erasmus University Rotterdam – that’s the goal of the Female Entrepreneur Fund. And there’s still a lot to do.

15 minutes watch