Aashna Pandya (MSc Marketing Management, 2023) picks the freshest produce at the Blaak Market

Out of office

Blaak Market

Aashna Pandya (MSc Marketing Management, 2023) loves to wander, chat and shop in the lively Rotterdam market that offers a welcome taste of home.

2 minutes read
An painting of angel with a briefcase standing over the city of Rotterdam


I WANT to invest in your company. Make it easy for me.

Wiegertje Groenveld (Economics and Business Economics, 1988) is a vastly experienced angel who’s heard hundreds of ideas from countless entrepreneurs. And she’d love to invest in your company – if you really are as good as you think you are.

3 minutes read
A container ship made from recycled paper and covered with wind turbines


Can data really create a greener future for shipping?

The shipping industry is vast and complex, and it needs to become more sustainable – fast. So can tech give the industry the tools it needs to clean up? We4Sea founder Dan Veen (AFM, 2007) says yes.

3 minutes read