Design thinking

Everyone wants to be a creative

It’s new, it’s cool and it’s changing the way we do business. Which is why design thinking is taking the world by storm. 

7 minutes read

Shareholder activism

Activist investors

Activist investors say their efforts are making boards more accountable – but how does the evidence stack up?

6 minutes read


Square peg. Round hole.

How much does ‘being yourself’ at work matter? New research suggests it could be what actually determines your success.

5 minutes read
A copy of the new magazine - called Think.Do. - lies on a table

From the Editor

Introducing Think.Do, your new magazine from RSM

We are delighted to introduce Think.Do, your guide to the latest cutting-edge research, insight and experience from our global community of business leaders and disruptors.

< 1 minute read

From the Dean

Mission accepted

Ansgar Richter says RSM’s background as a research powerhouse puts it in pole position to fulfil its mission and meet the challenges of a disruptive future.

2 minutes read