A person walks past the harbour in Rotterdam

Our school

Fifty years of RSM

RSM has been training trailblazers from around the world since 1970. It's been quite the journey.

7 minutes read
A display of family photographs in frames

Family businesses

Keeping it in the family

What makes the family business such a big part of the Dutch economy?

5 minutes read
A picture of Corinna Frey-Heger

Crisis management

Grand challenges and wicked problems

Changing the world is a question of doing, not talking – which means being well-organised is business-critical, says Corinna Frey-Heger.

4 minutes read

Elevator Pitch

The revolution is now

Mary-Jane Bolten (MSc MiM, 2018) wants to turbocharge the way we all do business to create companies that are future fit.

2 minutes read

Unique selling point

Extraordinary and distinctive

It might be 80 years old, but the USP – the idea that every business or product must offer distinctiveness – is still as unique, and useful, as ever. But how distinctive do you really need to be in order to get ahead? Research from Richard Haans and Maciej Szymanowski gives new insights.

6 minutes read

The lowdown

A green bond worthy of the name

Dr Dion Bongaerts says that the concept might be good, but without change, green bonds are the problem, not the solution.

4 minutes read
Two alumni loading packages into a car wearing PPE

Alumni Life

Engineers Without Borders

For this trio of engineers, Covid-19 has brought RSM’s ‘I WILL’ culture into sharp – and practical – relief.

3 minutes read
A picture of Cafe in de Smitse

Out of office

Café in de Smitse

Casper Feldbrugge (Business Administration, 2020) on the student bar at the heart of life on campus.

2 minutes read