Dutch cheese production accounts for 4 per cent of global production


Getting a slice of the action

As consumer behaviour begins to change, what does the future hold for the Dutch cheese industry?

6 minutes read
An painting of angel with a briefcase standing over the city of Rotterdam


I WANT to invest in your company. Make it easy for me.

Wiegertje Groenveld (Economics and Business Economics, 1988) is a vastly experienced angel who’s heard hundreds of ideas from countless entrepreneurs. And she’d love to invest in your company – if you really are as good as you think you are.

3 minutes read
A container ship made from recycled paper and covered with wind turbines


Can data really create a greener future for shipping?

The shipping industry is vast and complex, and it needs to become more sustainable – fast. So can tech give the industry the tools it needs to clean up? We4Sea founder Dan Veen (AFM, 2007) says yes.

3 minutes read


The great divide

Inequality kills one person every four seconds. How we deal with it will shape the next decade.

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