Jan-Chris Koenders in the reception of Lexus Nederland Louwman & Parqui B.V.

After the pandemic

Build back better

The world has changed, so what's next? We asked RSM's business leaders.

5 minutes read
Emilie Schei shows the upcycled fabrics made by Reshirt Rotterdam

Elevator Pitch

Waste not, want not

Emilie Schei (Pre-master Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship student) presents Reshirt Rotterdam, a social startup upcycling fabrics.

2 minutes read
An illustration of a person holding up the Ukrainian flag in the style of the Rotterdam bombing memorial statue

Alumni Life

Life in a 21st-century warzone

When Russia invaded Ukraine, Mark Kychma (MBA, 2007) headed for the border, working through the night to support refugees. And when many of his RSM friends reached out to ask how they could help, Mark’s act of kindness was magnified many times over. 

4 minutes read

After the pandemic

A change of direction

Hand-sanitiser. Masks. The anderhalvemetersamenleving. Staycations. Vaccinations. Covid-19 has changed many things about daily life – so perhaps it is no surprise that almost three-quarters of us say that it has caused us to re-evaluate our lives.

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Old fashioned computer operated by a manager with the text 'Happy Hour' on the screen

Modern management

How managers can manage in the age of remote working

The last two years have up-ended pretty much every management trick in the book. No quiet words. No drinks after work. Dr Murat Tarakci says that what we need now is a different kind of leadership.

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